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New Era School was founded in 1993 by a husband and wife team: Mr. and Mrs. Jesman. Mr. Jesman was a businessman supplying desks to various government secondary schools. Mrs. Evelyn Jesman was a teacher trainer (late eighties to early nineties) who was frustrated by the lack of academic opportunities for young girls. Driven by their passion for gender equality in education, they established New Era Foundation. For about ten years, the boarding school was highly successful and sent hundreds of girls to university.

In the early two-thousands the Board of Directors expanded the school to incorporate a Boys campus and later, a  Primary school as well. Today, New Era School stands as a beacon of hope, empowering young men and women with the education and skills they need to succeed and make a difference to their communities.

As the school begins its thirty-first year, PSLCE, JCE and MSCE pass rates continue to soar; having the highest scores in the Ntcheu District as one of the top private schools in Malawi.

The school is currently managed by Mr. G. Jesman, whose vision is to provide twenty-first century holistic education using information technology. Computers level the playing field for all the children around the world. No longer do we live in an age where school libraries have to worry about their stocks; digital resources are plentiful and available for all.

We wholly beleive in this dream: that all children in the twenty-first century have a right to grow up computer literate, and we trust that the world will join us in making New Era School a positive force in education.

"When you are building the future, you have to have the right tools."
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