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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Mau Nteteka
From New Era Schools in Ntcheu to trains in England.

Hello from England.

Name: Mau Nteteka  Year of attendance: 2001 What do you do now? I work for a train company in England called Great Western Railway. I manage and train Managers to do their job effectively. How did the school help you achieve your goals in life?  New Era Boys helped understand that anything is possible. The school taught me everything I need to know when it comes to hard work. I remember we used to be woken up in the early hours of the morning in order to do our studies. I hated it at the tme but that level of discipline helped me develop the patience required to undertake a degree via distance learning. The hard-working-spirit has stayed with me and helps me in my daily life. My words of encouragement for new students is to always persevere, even when your destiny seems uncertain, life is a journey so even when things aren't clear, just keep ploughing on. Hard work always beats talent in my book! My definition of greatness is the ability to uplift others. What are your top three novels or books for young minds to read? I like John Grisham a lot and I am sure young people will enjoy them.

All these books are by John Grisham.  • The Firm  • The Innocent Man • The Reckoning 

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