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Happy 2023!

Academic year 22/23 is now in full swing. The first term flew by however we managed to

accomplish many things. Our biggest news was collaboration with USAWA- Mr David Marriott and Mr Andy Liles conducted several workshops with students, teachers and parents analyzing various aspects of our school to identify areas of improvement. The outcome is a list of actions that we will be implementing throughout the following terms.

Another great achievement has been the 21/22 Form 4 results. Our boys secondary school

received the best results in the District-11 points! We are proud and grateful to the teachers and parents for their guidance and support.

As we are entering term 2, we can announce that we have updated some of the facilities at the schools and procured necessary teaching materials. Our primary school section has ensured that every student has necessary exercise books for every subject. Thank you to all the parents who have already paid the fees. This helps us improve our students lives early in the term and increases likelihood of better results.

Finally, we are on a high alert level for Cholera. Our school has made all of the necessary

preparations, such as availability and education on hand washing, food preparation and general disease prevention. We have consulted health care professionals who will be visiting the school and will conduct talks for staff and students.

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